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CUTTING CLOUDS friday 11th July 2014


THE WEEK 07 - 11 July 2014

ONE colour cones  /  TWO makers favourite (& easiest) meal? peanut butter & macadamia honey /  THREE  how cold? you try hand finished work in freezing weather  /  FOUR  after many many many clouds  /  FIVE  plus we broke a few so this is 7am take-away breakfast from POST waiting for things to get cut in denver  /  SIX–SEVEN–EIGHT  clouds clouds clouds . . .  

THE WEEK 02 - 04 July 2014

ONE 5 trumpets on one stage at The Orbit  /  TWO morning on route to lower Selby  /  THREE  buying some metal (during the metal workers striker)  /  FOUR  afternoon in Honeydew