MOS Mlimani City_1.jpg


CLIENT MDS Architects / CONCEPT MDS Architects

PROJECT Large plywood lighting in 3 shapes, edged in a muted silver and with powder-coated elements in matching muted silver, for a conference centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.



MOS Mlimani City_1.jpg
MOS Mlimani City_3.jpg

Finished & ready for wrapping

Raw unfinished shade

Pre wrapping and crating

Pre wrapping and crating

MOS Mlimani City_6.jpg

lamp installation locations

Due to the complexity of different shapes, hanging heights and installation locations in the conference centre building, a comprehensive installation guide was designed that corresponded to the labelling affixed to each wrapped lamp. Each lamp was pre-fitted with all relevant tension wire lengths & electrics to match the installation location. The lamps were marked with colour coded tape to aid sorting them to the correct locations prior to installation.

MOS Mlimani Installation manual_3.jpg