WISTERIA outside the MOS studio

FINALLY! It's a gas line marker (if you didn't know before)

BREAKFAST at Bean Republic on Corlett Drive

MOS on the road... Funny sticker arrangement

GLUING a really really really long plank of wood to make a table

ISAAC HAYES in the morning (because you can)

VOLKSIE light (research for a client)

LOVE the plates ceramic mark at Bean Republic


MOS on the road...

ALTON BROWN's show may be a tad irritating - but he is awesome!

MOS ON THE ROAD - what a lovely building!

SHEPARD FAIREY beginning the large Nelson Mandela mural on that wall in that place (Braamfontein) for that brand (alcohol)

MOS on the road in Denver

MOS on the road in Parkhurst

MOS on the road in Benoni

MOS on the road in Troyeville