New product design collaboration project with IMPUMELLEO and South African designers

MAKERS OF STUFF (MOS)  –  FACET table  /  HEDGE screening  /  MOON LIGHT & SHOEBILL table lamps  

MAN+WIFE  –  ottomans  /  booth  /  cushions  /  desk clock

AMOQ  –  A.TABLE  /  workhorse  /  acoustics  /  ON&IN table accessories and clothes rack

ABOVE  MOON LIGHT by MOS  /  HEDGE screening by MOS

IN THE BACKGROUND FACET TABLE designed by MOS  /  ottomans by MAN+WIFE  /  chairs by INFINITI

BELOW  lighting by MOS  /  bowl by MOS  /  A.TABLE by AMOQ  /  ON&IN letter-trays by AMOQ  /  clock by MAN+WIFE

ABOVE  A.TABLE by MOS  /  Task Table Lights by MOS  /  screening by MOS  /  Ottomans by Man+Wife  /  Booth by Man+Wife  / Workhorse server by AMOQ  /  chairs by Infiniti

BELOW  A.TABLE by MOS  /  directional task based light known as SHOEBILL and the HEDGE screening by MOS

ABOVE  A.TABLE by AMOQ  /  task chairs from IMPUMELELO  /  accessories by MOS

BELOW  booth by MAN+WIFE  /  accessories by MAN+WIFE

ABOVE LEFT  lighting by MOS  /  screening by MOS  /  A.TABLE by AMOQ  /  ON&IN letter-trays by AMOQ

ABOVE RIGHT & BELOW  screening by MOS  / A.TABLE by MOS  /  chairs by INFINITY

ABOVE Workhorse Server by AMOQ   RIGHT  ottomans by MAN+WIFE  /  power pole reticulation by IMPUMELELO

chair by INFINITI

BELOW  screening & lighitng by MOS

Power Pole Reticulate by IMPUMELELO

Coat Rack by ON&IN  |  chair by INFINITI

BELOW  clock by MAN&WIFE